Page started 29 April 2016 to include photos taken when out cycling and other bike stuff.


February 2017

20Feb17 thanks son Daniel for fitting bike rack!

Cupar Garden Centre on hybrid bike 18Feb17

off road cycle Stratheden path, Elmwood Farm, Crawford Priory

January 2017

Ladybank path 19jan17


Update 29May16: hoping to take bike on train someday soon to try out!  The logistics of finding where cycle storage is, lifting on and off, finding cycle paths in other places, and having enough energy to get home again ... 

Update 31May16: took bike on train yesterday for first time. Yay. To Kirkcaldy, a cycle to the High St then Esplanade.  Train guards helped me with bike storage.  Had interesting chats with women on train, about cycling, enjoyed the experience.  

Update 22Jun16: went on first led bike ride on Saturday in Edinburgh, see Storify of tweets: Power of Food Festival led ride @edfoc @SustransScot 18Jun16 Haymarket-Granton-Botanics Edinburgh   

Update 26Aug16: bought folding bike from Evans, Edinburgh on 23Aug, to use on buses, also easier to store on trains

Update 15Sep16: yesterday fell over when cycling near Cosla Haymarket after Mental Health Strategy Engagement Event, Scottish Government and NHS Scotland; felt a "twang" in my left thigh, couldn't walk without severe pain, got helped by gentleman from Business Gateway Cosla; he phoned for an Ambulance at my request, got taken to Edinburgh Royal A&E; saw a Doctor, Nurses, Radiographer, Physiotherapist: hamstring injury, could take up to 6wks to heal; happy with treatment and professionalism of NHS staff, gave positive feedback on Twitter.  

Ice packs in first few days; resting leg, gradually doing stretching exercises to get full movement back; refused crutches and strong painkillers; shuffling along, taking Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, turn about, to deal with pain and inflammation


Update 31Oct16: bought manual scooter 13Oct to get around, take weight off leg and back when carrying gym and swim stuff to Dundee on buses

on Stagecoach bus


Dundee Seagate bus station


November 2016

Cupar Cross

Cupar Mercat Cross

Drum Road Cuparmuir
Drum Road

8 November in London by Scooter 

Link to Facebook Album of London Scooter Photos (over 70 of them!)


October 2016

Crawford Priory 




Stratheden & Elmwood Golf Course 

Lomond Hills in distance



in train back from Edinburgh

Cupar rail station

Dundee City Council building

Dundee rail station

Springfield to Ladybank cycle path by railway track
Springfield to Ladybank cycle path with new rock surface


To Perth 8Jul16 by train from Cupar, change at Ladybank

parked up Concert Hall
North Inch cycle path

to Inveralmond

to Inveralmond Ind Est

cycling back to North Inch & City Centre


 Sustrans led bike ride Edinburgh 18 June 2016
at Haymarket before setting off on led bike ride
Granton Library
setting off

Rose St Edinburgh


cycling a smoothie Granton community orchard garden


Bikes on Buses

"Normally buses and bikes don't mix but Stagecoach have introduced a bike friendly coastrider service (X7) connecting Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and places in between. Why not cycle along the coast route (NR1) with the option of getting the bus back home."

Bikes on Buses A3 Coastrider (2013)


some cycling Twitter feeds:

 @CyclingSurgeon    @CyclingScotland    @GlasBikeStation   @edfoc

@EdinburghBelles   @SpokesLothian 


Cycling to Cupar 28May16 via Cupar Muir for some shopping:

leaving Springfield

Pooh bear ice cream wi sprinkles


Cycling on Springfield to Ladybank path evening 20May16:


in front of new Stratheden IPCU 15May16



Out on new Pinnacle Lithium2 hybrid bike 5May16 to Cuparmuir



Crawford Priory 30Apr16

Springfield to Stratheden path 28Apr16



The Leuchars to St Andrews Cycle Route link

Leuchars to St Andrews cycle path p1
Leuchars to St Andrews cycle path p2


on way to Cults Mill farm & Crawford Priory 10Apr16
River Eden by Cults Mill farm 10Apr16

Crawford Priory 10 April 2016

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